NO Blues - Kind Of NO Blues

Added 24/12/2013

NO Blues - Kind Of NO Blues [2013]


CD1: CD2:
01. Last train to Haifa
02. Wayack
03. Longa no blues
04. Omni
05. Columbus stockade
06. Black Cadillac
07. Farewell Shalabiye
08. Lumen
09. Footsteps
10. Ya Dunya
11. Hela hela
12. The river
13. Le
01. Ada's night trip
02. Go On
03. Jij Mooi for Evelien
04. Khartoum
05. The bow
06. Balancing cobra
07. Waterpipe
08. Oraz
09. Habibi blues
10. Nafura
11. Waha
12. Sorur


After four successful albums and nearly a decade on the road  NO Blues opens a new pathway with Kind of NO blues. What started as  soundtrack music for a documentary by former politician Paul Rosenmöller about the Arab Spring has become an entire double album, full of unique live recordings and new songs featuring musicians from the Netherlands and abroad. Horns, strings, poets and spoken word combined with the familiar Arabicana sound of NO Blues.

The studio CD of the album contains twelve new studio tracks which feature national and international guest musicians. Bill Barrett (Hazmat Modine, USA) lends his avid harmonica sound to the song Nafura and you can hear the ‘godfather of R&B’ Andre Williams (USA) on  The Water Pipe. Contribution from unexpected sources come from poets Vrouwkje Tuinman and Rodaan Al Galidi (Iraq). Cooperation with the modern classic Quartet Quinetique leads to a completely new sound. Metropole Orkest brass musicians Jos Beeren and Martijn Sohier bring the roaring thirties in the NO Blues sound and Morad Khoury makes Arabic poetry revive with his violin in Go on.

The thirteen live tracks come are songs from the four previously released NO Blues albums and provide a good overview of all the previous work. Contributions on the live recordings are from Sophie Cavez (Belgium), Shereen Dani All (Palestine) and Mourad Khoury (Palestine).

CD1: [ZS]   &   CD2: [ZS]

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Native Son - Savanna Hot-Line

Added 22/12/2013

Native Son - Savanna Hot-Line [1979]


01. Animal market
02. Sexy lady
03. Savanna hot-line
04. In search of beauty
05. African fantasy
06. Farewell my love

Takehiro Honda/keyb & perc, Hiroshi Murakami/drums, Motonobu Ohde/guitar, Kohsuke Mine/saxes, Tamio Kawabata/bass


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George Benson & Jack McDuff - George Benson & Jack McDuff

Added 14/12/2013

George Benson & Jack McDuff - George Benson & Jack McDuff [1977]


01. Shadow dancers
02. The sweet Alice blues
03. I don't know
04. Just another sunday
05. Will you still be mine?
06. Easy living
07. Rock-a-bye
08. Hot barbecue
09. The party's over
10. Briar patch
11. Hippy dip
12. 601 1/2 north poplar st.
13. Cry me a river
14. The three day thang

Benson Site

George Benson's facile post-Wes Montgomery single-line and chord-accented style was well received in his salad days of the mid- to late '60s. Primarily self-taught and ear-trained, he made great strides in a five-year period around his native Pittsburgh, working with organist Jack McDuff on the East Coast chitlin circuit. As the soul-jazz and boogaloo movement was establishing itself, Benson was right in the pocket, as these seminal mid-'60s sessions perfectly illustrate. In tandem with saxophonist Red Holloway, the two Prestige label LPs New Boss Guitar and Hot Barbeque were initially reissued in 1977 on a vinyl two-fer, and now on this single CD. The first two tracks, Shadow Dancers and The Sweet Alice Blues, sans McDuff though toeing the groove line, are the most original and modern numbers. The remaining tracks on the New Boss Guitar 1964 dates add McDuff, with Just Another Sunday a gold standard for the emerging style. Benson's balladic expertise during Easy Living is as impressive as in the different dynamic of the rompin' stompin' Rock-A-Bye. From May Day of 1965, the title cut and original version of Hot Barbeque has become an all-time hit and ultimate groove biscuit. Drummer Joe Dukes is the difference maker, as his fluid ease in either swinging or mixing hard bop with R&B fifty-fifty effectively drives the band so simply. Briar Patch approaches rock & roll, while Hippy Dip shows a completely unified Benson and McDuff on a fun melody line. A most arresting high-register organ sound, near unearthly, surrounds an easy swing on The Party's Over. In addition, check out the slow late-night blues I Don't Know (from the 1964 dates) and Cry Me a River from 1965. Although Benson would reach a zenith in his short career as a jazz musician during this period, before abandoning its purity for commercial pop singing, Holloway and McDuff went on and on and on to their own great acclaim. This is Benson's initial emergence, and a valuable reminder of how great he once was.

(Review by Michael G. Nastos, All Music)


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